Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

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1. Develop a winning theory for your claim.

The most important task for a lawyer is to develop a winning theory for your claim. This should be done as early as possible in the claim process. Based upon your impairments, work history, age, education, and the Social Security disability evaluation process, we will seek the legal path that leads to an award of benefits.

2. Obtain the necessary evidence.

The key to winning a Social Security disability claim is proper development and presentation of medical evidence demonstrating disability. We will work to develop the claim, and to obtain the medical evidence necessary to support your claim.

3. Keep your claim moving.

We will shepherd your claim through the disability review process. We will file your appeals, and help you complete Social Security's forms. We will obtain your doctors' treatment records, and will seek reports and opinions from your doctors concerning your medical condition, symptoms and functional limitations.

4. Help you tell your story.

Every disability claim has a story. Each person reaches the point of being unable to work in a different way. Your personal story about your struggle with your medical condition is often the most powerful evidence at the hearing for your disability claim. I spend a great deal of time thinking about how to tell your story in an effective way.

5. Represent you at the hearing.

We can assist you with each stage of your claim. We can help you with your initial claim for disability benefits, and with an appeal of a denied claim. We will represent you at the administrative hearing, and explain to the judge why your impairments prevent you from sustained employment.

6. Ensure that you are paid correctly.

When your claim is approved, we will ensure that you are paid correctly by the Social Security Administration.

7. Be your guide

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult and frustrating. An experienced disability attorney can be your guide throughout the process, and can help you to understand Social Security's unique procedures. You don't have to go it alone.

What We Do for Our Clients:

  • We routinely do the following for our clients who have an active claim pending at the Initial or "Reconsideration"
  • We immediately notify SSA to formally request that they assign an adjudicator to the claim if one has not been assigned already.
  • We file with the SSA all Forms and paperwork needed for a decision to be made on the claim. These forms may include a Disability Report Form 3368; a Work History Report Form 3369; and Medical and Job Worksheet; a Disability Report Form 3368, etc.
  • Once an adjudicator is assigned to the case, we continue to work with the adjudicator to provide the documentation and evidence necessary for a ruling on your claim as soon as possible.
  • We contact all of the client's medical providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) and request all medical records that will help document our client's disabilities.
  • We submit these medical records to SSA. We usually scan the records in our office and submit the scanned documents to the SSA using a specially designated barcode that SSA provides us.
  • If appropriate, we file a Motion for an "On the Record" decision. If granted, this will allow our client to start receiving social security disability benefits sooner, without the necessity of a court Hearing.
  • If appropriate, we file a "Dire Need" Request with the SSA, requesting that a decision be made as soon as possible because of financial or other difficulties our client is experiencing.
  • We continue to contact the adjudicator via phone, letters and emails to make sure that our client's case is being worked on and not "put on the back burner."
  • If a Favorable decision is made and our client is granted disability benefits, we work with the payment processing center to coordinate payment of disability checks to our clients.
  • If an Unfavorable decision is made, we often immediately file an appeal of that decision to the next level (either the "Request for Reconsideration" level or the "Request for Hearing" level), ensuring that our client's claim stays active. If we do file the appeal we continue to work on the claim. If a Hearing is necessary, attorney Louis B. Lusk or another qualified and experienced disability attorney will appear the Hearing with the client to present evidence and argue the case to the Administrative Law Judge.
  • Most importantly, we maintain contact with our client to keep the client fully informed of the case, every step of the way. We return phone calls!
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